How to Choose and Display Art

Thoa Sandy | Mar 19, 20

Visiting a frame shop and having your artwork professionally framed is only one (important) aspect of creating a beautiful display. For best results, you need not only have striking artwork and an attractive border, but also lighting and proper arrangement. Only when all of these things come together will you have a piece (or series of pieces) that can be enjoyed to their full potential. Too many people think that simply buying something they like and hanging it on the wall is enough. For some, it might be. But for others, nothing less than perfection will do. Here are some tips on how to achieve that lofty goal.

Thoa Sandy | Mar 19, 20
How to Use Texture to Increase Visual Interest in Your Home

When focusing on home decorating topics, there are a few things that you should give your utmost attention to in order to ensure that the space you are designing looks as good as it possibly can. By reviewing factors like colors, styles, shapes, and the sizes of the furniture pieces you are working with, you can organize and arrange your entire home in a manner that even feng shui experts would look upon with admiration.

Thoa Sandy | Mar 19, 20
Dorm Room Ready: Our Top 10 College Essentials

The average college student will spend $3,184 per year to furnish their dorm room. That adds up to much more than a couple of posters from the campus bookstore. Making the transition from high school student to college co-ed does take planning. But costs can be controlled with creativity and communication.

Thoa Sandy | Mar 19, 20
How to Be a Great Party Host dress

You should plan ahead of time. Make a list of the foods you need, the drinks, the menu, how many people you will be serving and so on. Gather all of your information first. Get all your decorations in order, if you plan to have decorations. The morning of the event, start cooking, set all the food and drinks out and make sure everything is in place.

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